Advantages and disadvantages of population growth: essay writing

How to Write Advantages and Disadvantages of Population Growth Essay

Population growth could have advantages and disadvantages, and if you want to write the really great essay then write about pluses and minuses of this. Your perfect written essay should explain all aspects of growing population.

Advantages of Overpopulation

While preparing advantages and disadvantages of population growth essay it’s also important to tell about pluses of overpopulation. First don’t forget to tell about a great labor force, a lot of people mean that more work can be done. However, it’s good for some developed countries where unskilled labor is needed. Also growth of population may lead to economic growth. And of course many people create many useful and interesting ideas that can make better our lives. But honestly, there are more disadvantages of overpopulation.

essay on growing population

Disadvantages of Overpopulation

In advantages and disadvantages of population growth essay it’s necessary to notice all possible minuses of overpopulation. Here are few of them:

· people pressure the land;

· low income for a person;

· low understanding of environmental problems;

· unemployment increase;

· low life quality;

· destroying of environment.

You may start with the general information in numbers, for instance, world population is about 7 billion and it increases all the time. Scientists suppose that after few years this number may reach 8 or even 10 billion. And this growth should be noticed.

What to Write in Population Growth Essay?

To better realize advantages and disadvantages in essay on growing population you may answer following question:

1. May the country use better its resources because of optimum size of population?

2. Will the economic grow?

3. Can people have more work places?

4. Will the investment stimulate?

5. Does the country have enough count of agricultural productivity?

6. Do living standards have some restrictions?

7. Do the wildlife habitats damage?

advantages and disadvantages of population growth essay

While preparing advantages and disadvantages of population growth essay you may take one particular country to write about. Recent years India becomes the example of the country with a large number of population that growth very quickly. Brazil and China could also be considered by the writer of an essay.

So, as you see the process of overpopulation can have positive and negative characteristics. And only you decide what to write in your advantages and disadvantages of population growth essay.