How to create human overpopulation essay

Writing Successful Human Overpopulation Essay

Most people think that the biggest problem of our planet is growth human population, so it may have a bad influence on environment and planet’s resources. Overpopulation has ecological, social and economic problems. And probably after few years the population will become double. In human overpopulation essay you should tell about out of space, and quality of life that changes with human population increasing. And the question is how to solve problems with overpopulation.

human overpopulation essay

How to Start Writing

Your human overpopulation essay you may start with explaining why a count of people is increasing fast rate. It’s happen mostly because some families have more children, thus people live longer due to better health protection and increasing of lifestyle. According to statistic every twenty minutes about 3,500 humans are born and in 100 years dramatic changes will happen because the land will become hotter, more desert and less farming. So we will lose a huge number of plants and animals.

To write the interesting and informative human overpopulation essay you may answer on following questions:

  1. What is human overpopulation?

  2. Is the world or your country overpopulated?

  3. What are causes and effects of overpopulation?

  4. Why is it bad or right?

  5. What can you propose to solve this problem?

What to Write in Pet Overpopulation Essay

With a huge number of human populations, the pet overpopulation also becomes a problem. Don’t forget to write about it in your essay. Pets’ breeding doesn’t have a control because of irresponsible owners. In general, you may write about a few most popular reasons of pet overpopulation:

  • owners plan to have profit due to puppies and cats sale;

  • not all born pets have a family;

  • female cat or dog can produce few thousands of kittens or puppies for couple of years;

  • in many countries dogs and cats are seen as vermin.

pet overpopulation essay

Animal overpopulation essay could also be the independent text with your ideas about this global problem. You may write down statistic data that explain percent demonstrations of available animals in the world and the part of them that are in shelters every year or die on streets.

How to Get Success in Writing

The main thing you should write in your human overpopulation essay is your own ideas and thoughts about this topic. Be honest and follow the main rules of essay writing such as structure, language, adding statistics and official data. Then your text will be interesting, readable and successful. Good luck!

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