How to write essay on overpopulation and global warming

The biggest and the most dangerous problem nowadays can be called global climate disruption because of accumulation of human-generated greenhouse gases in atmosphere. It may be the main topic of successful overpopulation global warming essay. People try to solve this problem by reducing the carbon footprint due to less consumption and improvement of technology. But huge human population can make these actions worthless. So the purpose of this essay on overpopulation in world is significant and important.

Effects of Overpopulation

Before starting writing an overpopulation global warming essay, you should clearly understand the connection between global warming and overpopulation. So, in this way you can specifically consider causes and effects that lead on great problems in the whole world.

Speaking about effects of overpopulation and influence on environment, don’t forget to write these ones:

  • impact on natural resources;

  • depletion of the economy;

  • instability of food and water;

  • global species extinction.

How to Solve the Problem

It’s important to prove in your overpopulation global warming essay that people increasing will bring the large usage of resources of the planet. Provide facts that confirm massive destruction for all inhabitants of the planet.

Also don’t forget to propose few solutions of the problem well described in your overpopulation global warming essay. The main purpose is procuring sustainable level of all inhabit on the planet will survive. The right approach will help to decrease overcrowding and poverty of humans.

In your overpopulation in big cities essay try to explain that most important is giving the correct sustaining of population. Education is necessary in warning people about overpopulation effects, planning of the family, sex education and health caring – all these methods will allow people to accept the problem and successfully solve it.

Structure of Successful Essay

Writing a great essay about global warming as a result of overpopulation may be more successful if you will compose the correct plan of future text:

  1. Write the attractive title.

  2. Think of introduction – here you may write all statistic data, bring well-known facts that will help the reader to understand the global dimension of the problem.

  3. Write body of the text where you can give all useful information including your ideas, causes and effects of overpopulation, possible solutions of this problem.

  4. Make a brief summary of your thoughts and put them in few sentences.

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