Writing an essay about overpopulation problems

Tips of Preparing Overpopulation Problems Essay

Overpopulation problems essay may be an easy task if the student has an understanding the topic and the problem you are writing about in the essay. You should talk about the overpopulation problems and propose some solutions to this global problem.

For instance, you can use this general plan:

1. Overpopulation is a problem on urban areas and has many negative effects. 2. Propose one or two effective ways of solution this problem.

Thus, the problem’s decision may be realized by both – individuals or government. So you must write that the problem could be solved by someone or government. Remember, that it’s a serious problem, so be responsible with this work.

How to Write Effects of Overpopulation

It’s obviously that overpopulation is a question because a count of human population is increasing and exceeds the carrying output of our planet. It may be caused by many factors. Death rate is reduced, medical services work better, costly resources are depleted – these and other factors lead to overpopulation. Don’t forget to write it in your overpopulation problems essay.

effects of overpopulation essay

Speaking about effects of overpopulation in essay write down about most popular results:

  • devastation of organic resources;

  • decline of environment;

  • possible conflicts and wars;

  • increasing of unemployment;

  • expensive living.

Writing Problems Solutions Essay

Speaking about solutions of overpopulation problems, you can propose few ways of realization it. Here are some variants you can use or adapt for your text:

  1. Giving the better education will help people to understand that one or two children in the family are enough. Family planning is an effective way of birth monitoring in the world.

  2. Showing people the pluses of family planning may help humans to restrain the growth of population. The actions are solved by explaining different safe sex process, methods of contraceptives, and so on.

  3. Proposition of tax benefits and concessions – some countries’ government has various policies about tax exemptions to control the human population. People like money, so this method may work.

  4. Knowing of sex education should be given for young people at elementary level as normal.

Possible Problems from Overpopulation

The main purpose in writing overpopulation problems essay is conviction people that this is a real global problem. The reader should know that overpopulation problem leads on other troubles. For instance, shortage of resources is a great possible effect. Thus, number of people is increasing so the resource is exhausted such as water and crops.

Another problem you can describe in overpopulation problems essay is a standard of living. Thus, many people in the world can’t provide the normal lifestyle with great level of health care and food products. All these problems are possible to be written in the essay as a list or enumeration in body of the text.

overpopulation problems essay

The structure of overpopulation problems essay is official and corresponds to the general rules of writing. In title the writer should describe the topic of the text. Introduction may include definitions of the overpopulation meaning, and arguments why it is a problem for a modern world. Body is the main part where the author gives the main information, lists, possible formal documents that confirm student’s ideas.

Here you may also propose ways of solutions this problem. Also you can give this information in conclusion – the last part of the essay. So, this is few advices that will help you to write a successful essay for colleges or universities. It could be the base of you text, but of course you should complement it with your own ideas and thoughts.

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