Writing overpopulation and poverty essay

How to Write Essay about Overpopulation and Poverty

Many problems appear in the world when the population of the nation reaches the high level. If the human growth will exceed all allowable limits then serious effects will come and few of them you may characterize in your overpopulation and poverty essay. Explain to your readers that overpopulation exists with related problems such as poverty.

What to Write in an Essay

Talking about poverty it’s important to notice that this problem is a natural result of human growing. Actually, poverty could be a cause and impact of the overpopulation that you may show on the example of some country for instance India. In India more than 25% of people growth all the time lives under the poverty level. People don’t have shelters, clothes or enough food. So, such rapid growth of people growth leads to poverty in the society.

Writing Causes and Effects of Unemployment in Essay

Talking about overpopulation and poverty it’s necessary also to talk about following effects:

  • famine in a connection with overpopulation;

  • people growth reflects on standards of living;

  • overpopulation influences on economic development.

overpopulation and poverty essay

To make the writing of your overpopulation and poverty essay more informative you can always use available statistics data, official documents, scientific and social research, results of UN projects and so on. With such information your essay will become more serious and will show that you are really interested in the subject. The great method is using words of famous people as well – use them as citations.

Examples of Successful Solutions Overpopulation Problems

One of the popular solutions to this problem you can propose in overpopulation and poverty essay is propositions of well-paid jobs, because people need food to survive. Of course making new jobs is a difficult task. Here it’s good also to bring examples of successful countries where extreme poverty has decreased in several times.

  1. Guatemala has reduced level of the poverty level in comparison with last years. On average a family in this country has 3 children.

  2. Cambodia had a high level of overpopulation, but recent years extreme poverty had fallen about 40% and average family size had decreased more than half.

  3. Namibia also has a falling level of poverty in recent years by 20%.

Causes and Effects of Unemployment Essay

In the summary of overpopulation and poverty essay you should tell that positive and prosperous future is impossible without solving the problem of the overpopulation. People, who live in poverty, keep giving birth to many children, but natural resources will be quickly exhausted. So, overpopulation and poverty as a result are real and the future won’t be too promising.

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